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Just about everyone in southwestern PA has some type of hill on their property and retaining walls need to be functional AND attractive. A well made and attractive retaining wall not only can make your property easier to navigate but can also increase your properites value.

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and hillside planning.


The Functions of a Retaining Wall Retaining walls are often found in places where extra support is needed to prevent the earth from moving downhill with erosion. The most basic function of a retaining wall is to battle gravity; the lateral force of the slope must be offset in the retaining wall’s design. Retaining walls can also provide usable land. For millennia, humans have used retaining wall techniques to create terraces of usable land on slopes. Retaining walls also help slow the flow of rainwater; in this way, they can help with icing in your driveway during the winter. Once your retaining wall is up, it may provide several unanticipated services; Depending on the location of your retaining wall, it may prove to be a great place to plant flowers or vegtables. You need a Retaining Wall if you need a way to control downhill erosion. If mountains of erosion materials are clogging important areas on your property, adding a retaining wall is a wonderful idea. Retaining walls minimize erosion by decreasing the angle of a slope and holding back soil. Erosion can threaten your home’s foundation. If the soil around a downhill foundation is washing away, or erosion from a slope is compacting an uphill foundation, a retaining wall can help. For these reasons, building a retaining wall is one time and it just makes sense to have it done right. Call us to build your Retaining wall that will look great and stand up to years of extreme weather.


We fix Abandoned, neglected simply overgrown properties.

In communities throughout southwester PA most homeowners and businesses take great pride in their property.

They invest time and money in their yards and landscaping, and all of that helps to improve the appearance of the area and keep property values up.

But a few overgrown lots and unattended curbs and sidewalks can have just the opposite effect -- especially this time of year. Yards with knee-high grass and three-foot weeds growing up through sidewalks and parking lots can reduce the curb appeal for the whole neighborhood.

In the worst cases, neglected properties can become a health hazard, attracting insect infestations and rodents.











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